Conference on Russia 2020

05-06 March 2020 • Tartu, Estonia
Russia in the World: Vision and Realities The Annual Baltic Conference on Russia will take place for the sixth time in 2020. This year’s iteration, “Russia in the World: vision and realities”, aims to compare Russia’s self-perceptions with contemporary geostrategic realities. Better countering Russia’s offensive actions requires understanding how Russia is using available instruments of power to implement national strategy, what are its future ambitions, strengths and limitations. The conference will assess Russia’s position within global geopolitical equilibria and will contribute to drawing a clearer pictures of Russia’s means of power. The last two decades led to a dramatic surge in Russian-Western tensions, which proved highly reminiscent of a “Cold War” spirit. Those decades induced a series of changes and geostrategic shifts that are crucial in characterizing Russia’s current geopolitical situation. Moscow has on the one hand attempted to create a world of its own by designing alternative structures of multilateral governance, under a Eurasianism “banner”; while on the other hand exploiting international law and existing multilateral structures. While assessing the country’s geopolitical stance, the conference will proceed with addressing Russia’s actual means of power: how capable is Russia militarily as well as in the informational domain? Could it be considered a superpower in other than nuclear terms? The conference will touch upon the determinants and the root causes of Russia’s display of aggressive behaviour in its foreign policy using diplomacy as a tool. The 2020 conference will achieve these goals by bringing together representatives of the countries of the wider Baltic region, Nordic countries, western and central Europe, the Middle East and Asia that are currently experiencing an increased Russian interest and involvement in political, economic and military terms. In order to address the topic from a comprehensive and balanced standpoint, the conference will gather participants from different regions and among military, political and academic experts. The conference will be held in Dorpat Convention Centre (